See what our guests are saying about their experience at Park Dental.

I have taken both my Mother and Father to see Dr . Rafiei. She and her staff are so helpful and professional. Dr. Rafiei made us all feel welcome and comfortable. The office mng. Leslie helped with paper work and a friendly face. Elmer and Hoan did their jobs well and we all had a good experience. I also like her new location. We’ll be back !!
— Kari S.
I am a senior citizen certainly i should have dental issue in last 20 years of my life.
I have experienced several dentist but i am telling Dr Rafei is the best.the most carry person I have ever seen in my life she give service even Sunday if you need her she comes by herself and opens office on Sunday to ease your dental pain CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT She is awesome. she has a true smile on her face not fake one which others have the most important the price she is charging is %35 less than the others I had bridge work with one dentist {I can not disclose her name} she charged me twice the price of the same treatment of dental in different side of my mouth.I highly recommend Dr Rafei. honestly and truly if you have any doubt try it get estimate from 2 dentist for the same treatment you will certainly find out .Her office is very clean and modern with latest tecth her staff encounter you professionally and very friendly and politely unfortunately this page is not large enough to write all the true character of this LADY DOCTOR. most caring dentist you have ever seen.
— Saied N.
Dr. Rafiei and her staff are miles ahead of the other dentists I have suffered through in my ‘travels’. It is not just skill that is so impressive in her office, but an insistence on keeping up with the latest methods and materials. She reads! She goes to demonstrations! What a rarity amongst doctors in general. If I go to a cleaning and she finds something that needs doing, she fits me in that very day, saving me a second trip! Another rarity.
My wife was turned away from another dentist because, he said, her teeth were too worn down to work on. Dr. Rafiei took her on immediately, and saved her teeth. I too, have had some complex work done to maintain my 50 year old teeth. As we learn how important dental health is to overall health, my wife and I feel like we are in good hands.
— Charles
i have been going to park dental since before they moved to this new location. the staff is amazing, dr rafei is very good with kids and is very humbling! elmer is the best bilingual assistant they could have as well. just yesterday i met a new office manager, her name is lesley. she was a very sweet lady. my whole family goes there!! that is how good they are!!
— Diana Z.
I highly recommend Dr. Rafiei. I have been her patient for years and her chair side manner is calming and gentle! Dr. Rafiei and her assistant Elmer have worked together for a long time and they both make you feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible.
I’ve had many procedures done and each one had been explained and I knew what to expect. I have no complaints. I have never felt pressured into making a decision I was unsure about.
Dr. Rafiei or her office have always returned my emergency phone calls. In fact, I found Dr. Rafiei on a Friday ( many years ago ) when my own dentist failed to return several of my calls. Thank you, Dr. Rafiei! I have at times received check in phone calls at home after major dental work. Dr. Rafiei truly cares about her patients!!
Her office manager, Leslie welcomes you with a friendly smile and Hoan assists her. They are willing to work with me and I don’t have to give up my first born to leave the office. Highly recommend!
— Debbie K.
It is my pleasure to share my experience with Dr. Rafei and her front office staff.
The first time meeting with her was back in 2000 at her office in Plano, both my wife and I are lifetime patients. We both were very nervous at the initial consultations as we both had bad experience with other dentist.
Dr Rafie is by far the most caring and gentle Dr either my wife and I have had the pleasure of meeting. Through the years we have recommended many friends and family members to Dr Rafei.
Caring, fair and available to her patients, lifetime patients.
Chris and Maggie Albergo
— Chris A.
I went to Dr Rafei for first time yesterday & the visit was good. The staff is very friendly. Especially Leslie was very helpful in appointment scheduling as well as referral for braces. We will see Dr soon for remaining detal work.
— Shefali P.
I first saw Dr. Rafiei because I had chipped a tooth (lost a filling I found out when I went in) and the office was right across the street from mine. I was very impressed with her and her services. She even met there on her day off once. They have since moved the office and I am seeing her at her new location. I called this morning because I had chipped a different tooth last night and I was immediately given an appointment by Leslie, who could not have been nicer. While there I had my 6 month cleaning as well and actually laughed and enjoyed myself with the hygienist, Nancy. As always Dr. Rafiei was sensitive, funny, and did a great job repairing my tooth. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rafiei as a dentist and her staff is wonderful as well. They have always treated me with kindness and respect.
— Elizabeth R.
I broke my tooth eating popcorn while driving and my regular dentist was closed but accross the street was Park Dental. It was 4pm on a Friday, so I thought I would literally have to beg to be seen. Not only was I seen but by 5:15pm I was walking out with my tooth fixed. Leslie, the office manager worked with us on the cost as I don’t have insurance. Elmer, the dental asst. had me back doing an x-ray and taking care of me. And before I knew it Dr Rafiei was explaining what needed to be done. I could not believe how nice, caring and efficient all the staff were. I have found a forever dentist for me and my family.
— Shareen B.
I have had three dental implants by Dr Rafei. After each implant I have never needed any pain medication! I just had my latest one today and feeling great. If you are a pain wimp, she is the dentist for you. Hands down the nicest, most caring dentist in Plano.
— Will G.
I went to Dr. Rafei for the first time today and the visit was lovely. She was very helpful and friendly and I plan on continuing to see her. Her office manager Leslie was extremely helpful in explaining my insurance policy and my different options. Elmer also assisted with my cleaning and was very kind.
— Saumya T.